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Equity of Access to Adventure

The New Horizon Adventure Co. recognises that certain demographics within the outdoor leisure environment are under-represented. We understand that barriers to accessing adventure and the outdoors are numerous and complex. Evidence for these statements is anecdotal at best and significantly under researched. That does not mean however that we don't recognise the inequity of access to adventure for various communities and demographics.


That's why, at The New Horizon Adventure Co. we are committed to supporting research that can provide accurate data sets for the access to adventure, that then empowers big organisations to respond, to tackle inequity head on with charitable services via our upcoming sister community interest company, and to offer a 25% discount on our services to all and any from an under-represented cohort, or those with reduced access. Including but not limited to:

  • Young people (<18)

  • Ethnic minorities

  • Low household income

  • Women

  • Single parent families


​To discuss or access any these discounts or services, please telephone or email us, or mention it at the time of booking. ​


The future is equal. 

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